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Good ways to dry cats after shampoo

There are many cats that don’t like a hair dryer.
Can you blow their hair dry well after shampooing your cat?
This article explains how to dry cats well.

Does your cat need shampoo?

Many people are discussing about showering cats is necessary or not. Actually cats can groom themself so it’s fine if you don’t shower them.
It is very stressful for cats to shampoo their fur many times. Cats naturally do not like their coat get wet.
You can make your cat’s fur fluffy and glossy just by brushing to remove hair loss, spreading sebum to the cat coat and wiping it with a steamed towel.
But if they play with dust or soil or have long hair then the shower might help.

shower cat
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Why Cats Don’t Like Dryers?

Most cats don’t like hair/fur dryers because of the sounds when we turn it on, cats are much more sensitive with sounds more than human. But there a few cats do not mind it at all.

The external ear, or pinna of the cat is large, erect, and cone-shaped. It acts to both catch and amplify sound waves. The cat’s ear amplifies sound waves 2 to 3 times for frequencies between 2000 and 6000 Hertz (Hz). The cat can move its pinna around as much as 180 degrees, doing so by virtue of about 30 sets of muscles (human have only 6 sets). This enables the cat to lock onto sound sources, but even cats can’t move their ears fast enough to localize sounds.

Human and cats share the same lower limit of hearing at about 20 Hz, but the difference in high frequency sound limits is great. Humans can hear frequencies up to 20,000 Hz and cats to 64,000 Hz. Human are most sensitive to sounds of around 3,000 Hz (most human voices are near that pitch), while your cat is most sensitive to sounds of around 8,000 Hz.


2 ways to dry a cat after shampoo

There are 2 ways to dry a cat after showering:

  • if your cats are used with bathing or showering and not scared of a hair dryer, this is the best way to dry the cat. Gently cover the cat with a big towel then dry the cat slowly by the lowest level of the dryer.
  • if your cats are so terrify with dryers (which most cats do), you can choose to bath/ showering the cat on a sunny day. Gentle cover the cat with a big towel and try to dry most of the cat fur with the towel. Then leave the cat for natural sunbathing outside, like a balcony. The cats will also grooming herself while sunbathing.
cat under the sun

Use waterless cat shampoo

Regular showering is good for our cats and for us to be more enjoy cuddling our hygiene kitties. But doing it is not always easy. Maybe your cat is sick or covering after an illness, or he/ she is old or in some cases, just hate bathing. Sometimes the owners don’t have enough time or space for a cat proper showering.
In those cases, dry shampoo is a good option.
What is dry shampoo? They are cleansing products which do need water to clean off after using. They absorbs sebum, remove dirts and have deodorant effect. There are a few types of dry shampoos: foam, spray & aerosol, powder.
But you should keep in mind, dry shampoos are just a quick cleanser and it can’t be as good as normal shampoo in cleaning your cat.

Caution against cat cold

You should prepare a warm room or a sunny balcony for the cats right after the warm shower, the different gap of temperature can make the cats sick.

Try to use a big towel to dry the cats as much as you can before you let them dry off completely in a warm room or a sunny balcony.

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